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Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Trainers

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Trainers

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Step into Urban Sophistication with Axel Arigato Clean 90 Trainers in White

Elevate your streetwear with the Axel Arigato Clean 90 Trainers — a harmonious blend of minimalist aesthetics and contemporary design. These trainers, brand new with tags attached, exude an air of freshness while bearing subtle marks from transit, adding character to their unworn status.

Key Features:

  1. Timeless White Design: The Clean 90 Trainers by Axel Arigato are a testament to timeless sophistication. The crisp white color ensures versatility, making them a staple in any fashion-forward wardrobe.

  2. Premium Quality: Crafted with precision, these trainers showcase Axel Arigato's commitment to quality. The attention to detail and fine craftsmanship make them a symbol of urban luxury.

  3. New with Tags: Your Clean 90 Trainers arrive in pristine condition, complete with tags. This guarantees their brand-new quality, ensuring they are ready to be the focal point of your ensemble.

  4. Transit Marks: While new, these trainers may exhibit subtle signs from transit. Detailed images are provided to offer a transparent view of any marks, ensuring an honest representation of the product.

  5. Size - UK4: Tailored for a UK4 size, these trainers provide a comfortable and stylish fit for those with this shoe size.


  • Brand: Axel Arigato
  • Product: Clean 90 Trainers
  • Color: White
  • Condition: New with tags, might show signs from transit (see images)
  • Size: UK4

Effortless Style Redefined - Where Comfort Meets Luxury:

The Axel Arigato Clean 90 Trainers effortlessly blend comfort with luxury. With their sleek design and premium materials, they become a statement piece for the fashion-savvy individual.

Brand New with a Touch of Character:

The brand-new condition of these trainers is complemented by subtle marks from transit, adding a touch of character and authenticity to their unworn state.

Transit Marks - A Story of the Journey:

In the spirit of transparency, detailed images showcase any potential marks from transit. This openness ensures you have a clear understanding of the product's condition.

Size UK4 - Urban Comfort in Every Step:

Tailored for a UK4 size, these Clean 90 Trainers offer a perfect fit for those with this shoe size. Walk confidently into the urban landscape with Axel Arigato's signature blend of style and comfort.

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